One year, six months

Laos sausages with fresh herbs and HB's special dipping sauce, salt and pepper calamari with sweet chilli sauce, Nick's passionfruit and watermelon blended shake and chicken pad see ew, Antipodes still water

Celebrated our 18 monthsary with Nick baking cookies and eating at Holy Basil.. Hehe, besides Nick having fun making (ugly) shaped cookies, nothing really new since we always HB and I didn't feel like going anywhere really fancy. Okay kidding, his cookies weren't ugly, it's cute that he was having fun. :3 We ordered so much we were too full to order their fried ice cream, but that was okay cos we went for Krispy Kremes when he picked me up from Access which, by the way, was super super fun this week. :D


lolizzie said...

How cute! the food looks delish!
happy 18 months to you and nicholas for the day! :) <3

Genevieve said...

Aww, thanks Lizzie! :3 <3

Floralist said...

That is adorable!

Genevieve said...

Aww, thanks Vanessa! And best of luck to the both of you for your trials! <3

hollyiouopui said...

holy basil should pay you for all the promotion you give them :P srsly, I WILL go to eat there once all these assessments are over >:D

Anonymous said...

craving thai now :(
btw, pretty sure this is you
you're thinspo now :/

Genevieve said...

@Holly: That would be so cool! I don't think I even come often enough to be a 'regular', though. :(

@Anon: WOW, that IS me! I completely forgot about that photo, it's from 2 years ago.. I remember I was on Tumblr and it got 1k notes, most popular I ever got on Tumblr. LOL. It wasn't even on my Tumblr too, someone else had posted it. :$ But wow, memories!