Empty space, empty minds

Feels like it's been ages since I've posted anything, but it's been a while since I've even been on a computer so I guess that's why. On Saturday, my friend finally put together everything for a party and yay, even though things didn't turn out as expected, it was still fun. :D Such a loaded day, my first of three lessons of tutor starting at 8am, exploring Fairfield with Grace, carrying 3 cans of grass jelly and a pair of wedges in my tutor bag, spontaneously deciding to order a take away fried rice and 'borrowing' spoons from Pho Hein (we'll return them next week, oh please we go there every Saturday), all the crazy shit that happened at this long awaited party, and getting home at 11pm after a KFC run with Nick, hehe. Did not take any of these photos (didn't even bring my camera at all!), and not sure who did, but photo credits go to the wonderful Lisa Lai. :D Hoping to post properly soon, but haven't found the time and refuse to take anything until I get the 50mm lens back, hehe.

Going to be one of the busiest months ever, with 4 artworks (plus a documentary on minimalism), chemistry exam and 4u exam due in around 2 weeks. I've also have to come up with informal invitation designs (which I'm aiming on keeping pretty simple, but not sure how things will really turn out) due in a matter of days that I haven't started... AND I decided a while ago that I was going to host an Amazing Race for my group to be held at Country Fair, yet have not done any preparation for it so far... So while I lock myself in my room and tear my hair out in frustration, enjoy the lovely sunshine while we still have it! :)


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Awww, thank you! :') Surprised that you managed to differentiate my face out of all the other Asians here, LOL kidding.