Recent additions

Clockwise: new suede lace up wedges from Rubi shoes, suede and fake crocodile bag with detachable longer strap from Sportsgirl, black suede chelsea boots from Rubi shoes, black ribbed skirt from Supre, embroidery floss and fake roses from Spotlight

Was supposed to hardcore study today so I plan to after this blog post. Decided to blog after receiving a lovely comment asking if I could blog about my recent buys and stuff like that -- since it's a rare occurrence for me to get a comment at all, consider this a celebratory post. Or something.

Since before I left for PE camp, all the clothing/shoes I've bought recently is either black or suede (or both). When I bought this bag from Sportsgirl, I was pretty psyched cos I saw it ages ago and now it was finally on sale at less than half price.. But to be honest, it was a let down. The long strap is way too long and since they're only attached by buttons, the strap falls off if I have anything too heavy in it, meaning I can't bring my camera. Would've been a cute bag if the long strap wasn't so dodgy. :( On the other hand, I am loving these shoes from Rubi! Wore the wedges to Jenny's party, and have been able to pair these chelsea boots with most of my wardrobe. They're so versatile and so easy to put on (no laces = win), such a good steal for half price at Rubi. The black skirt I bought from Supre was more of an impulse buy, but it was only $5 and after Jenny's party, I've come to realise that I don't wear skirts or dresses enough. Not like I'm going to start wearing dresses to every party from now on (and to be honest, it felt so weird to be wearing something so flowy and girly at Jenny's, lol) but this skirt is a start.. And easily makes my legs look longer. Finally went to the new Spotlight with my sister and picked up some embroidery floss and fake roses. And yes, the fake roses were an impulse buy as well, but I'll promise myself I'll actually make a crown (inspired by Vanessa from Animalist and Connie from K is for Kani) this time, instead of buying fake flowers and not doing anything with them. Saw Vivian buying embroidery floss too, hehe, pretty sure we were both dead set wanting to make some friendship bracelets after finding this post on Honestly WTF.

And guess what bitches, my HTC Desire HD finally arrived in the mail, yay! Loving the huge screen and have spent 5 hours after opening it updating contacts, linking my social networking accounts and syncing files from my computer onto this beauty. Yes I haven't been this excited in a while! :D

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