All I have

Milk custard and milky bun from Breadtop, Polaroids that got progressively worse, confetti that I've been making (made by holepunching: old gift wrapping, an empty McD's bag and book that I bought from an op-shop but never read)

I didn't realise, but I've actually been out every day of this week.. On Thursday, I asked Nick if he could pick me and Christie up from school so we wouldn't have to take the train holding our huge charcoal drawings from art, and after we dropped Christie home, we went to Cabra to eat! Popped into Breadtop to get a bun while we contemplated what else to eat, and I bought their milk custard, almost solely for the cute glass bottle/jar that it came in. Ended up going to Superdish, and when we got home, finally took some more photos with my Instax! Bringing it to Jenny's tonight, yay!

Yesterday was so fun, went to youth group after a month of not going. :( Thought it was going to be ridiculously awkward (which it was at some points) but it turned out to be a really fun night, and I'm so glad I went. Even though it meant that I had to stay out in Cabramatta for 5 hours and cram my Truong homework in before class.. :( And speaking of which, I made it into the 4u class. After Sir was talking about it, I don't know if it's the best decision for me to actually take this class -- I'm not exactly the best maths student, so whether I cope with it is.. yeah I don't know. :s

I haven't even decided on what to wear to Jenny's and I'll be leaving in less than an hour. Inspired by K is for Kani (here), I'm thinking of putting something together with a floral wreath that I made ages ago, socks and my new lace-up suede wedges.. Will be sleeping over at Danica's tonight, too -- wow, I didn't realise how packed this week was! Happy Caturday, everyone!

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Could you post your wishlist and buys like you did before? :) Btw, i love reading your blog x.