19 two-tone rose wreath

Came home at 3.30am after watching Harry Potter, and ended up staying up for an hour more making this rose wreath. Told you I'd make something with the roses I bought! Still have to fix up some parts, I think some of the roses fell off.. Firstly, I made it with 18 roses and it was so tight on my poor head, I added an extra rose the next day. Now it fits comfortably, yay!

I think I'll save up for a sewing machine.. Me, my brother and sister pretty much all want one, so we can probably chip in and get something, yay! And I noticed that I've worn this outfit out so many times recently.. Probably because it's the first thing I can even put together in my mountain of clothes that lies on top of my drawers, but these pants are so comfortable. Shove on my suede chelsea boots and I'm done. :D What an embarrassing attempt at an outfit layout, too. :$

Sister's cream knit (Dotti), lace bustier (Cotton On Body), paperbag pants (Supre) and handmade necklace and simple floral wreath

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