Deathly Hallows

New phone (HTC Desire HD), Polaroids taken at the midnight screening, HP 3D glasses (they're my brothers, not mine) and our tickets

A bit late to mention now, but around two months ago, Nick booked us tickets for the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2. Cannot believe that on Wednesday morning, the Harry Potter movie series was finally over.. Although admittedly after watching the movie I was so caught up on the adrenalin and hype of it, I didn't want to accept that some parts could've been done much better.. But still, I really really really want to rewatch it. Cannot wait for the HP movie marathons we'll have in the future, yay! Huge thanks and sorry to Nick for driving me out to the middle of nowhere in attempt to find Spotlight for a last minute costume right before tutor! ♥

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