Scavenger hunt

Yesterday, my whole group (17 in total) except for a couple of us went to Vivian's house for a scavenger hunt! We all paired up and had to find 10 clues which we scattered around her front yard and park (across the road), and had to find out who the murderer in the story was. SO FUN. I haven't done things like this in years. And we also played Mario Kart on Wii (full getting excited and screaming and shit), and spontaneously decided to all go and eat at Holy Basil afterwards. Shared a lychee and watermelon shake, and chicken pad thai with Vivian. So so good, I love HB. :')

I was going to take a group photo while all of us where still there, but my friends insisted that I should be in the photo and to get someone else to take it. Lady at the table adjacent offered to take the photo, and ffs she accidentally covered the flash, and now I have a Polaroid that is pretty much darkness plus the faint shadow of a couple of faces, Sophiea's white glasses and my cream jumper. NOT COOL, BUDDY. :(

Sorry to readers for the sudden spam of posts, but a huge huge thanks to my new followers! :D

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