Birthday presents from Nick and my sister (Fujifilm Instax Mini 25, 5 boxes of film, birthday card and Winnie the Pooh: the Complete Collection), polaroid of my cat, entrée of oyster mornay and salt and pepper calamari, mains of I don't remember what Nick ordered and crumbed whiting fillets

This week has been so busy, with: getting four assessment task notifications, coming 7th in zone cross country after running 4km in the pouring rain and trekking through muddy puddles and shit, screaming in the carpark when I was opening my birthday presents and on the way home because I'd gotten an Instax, Mafia Mondays and Sardines Sport Days, going out to Gemelles with Nick and getting so full we couldn't even order dessert (even though I was looking forward to their crème brûlée), generally not doing work for 2 days 'because it's my birthday' and now falling behind, the official start of winter and with that, EOFYS sales which I've missed out on so far even though I've been to Westfields at least twice this week, and cramming for integration exam and still doing one of the questions completely wrong. Also, a big big thank you to everyone (on Twitter, especially) that wished me a happy 16th! You have no idea how happy I was when I clicked on my mentions and found so many tweets, teehee. :3

Could really do with a nice bowl of bun bo hue right now, but have a load of homework and assessments I should get started on. School sucks, and I'm totally putting off finishing my stupid art etching. Just got a call - I'm going to Jacqueline and Jennifer's tonight for dinner, and we're gonna make cupcakes! Have a good weekend, everyone!

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