I went to Mizuya last night with my family, family friends and Nick, to celebrate my birthday early. Grr, these photos turned out so different to what I usually take photos off - using my dad's Samsung instead of the usual Canon. :c It's been so long since I even heard the words 'make a wish' when I was about to cut the cake and actually couldn't think of anything, LOL. :( On the weekends, I accidentally restored my iPod and my library got completely wiped out.. But while looking through heaps of folders, I uncovered a whole load of photos and songs that I haven't listened to or looked at since 2008-9. So many good memories, I should post a whole load of photos one day. I almost completely forgot, but I also came back from camp on Friday. It was actually the shittest camp ever and I think the most expensive, too. The only good things was what we made of it as a group and a grade: mafia, sardines and aw yeah, magpies yeah. In so many ways, tomorrow will be a pretty shitty day: I have a whole load of work due tomorrow, offline classes in the morning, shit winter weather, zone cross country and Peak at night. Going to be a long day, so hopefully I can get like a hot chocolate or something in the morning so I won't be so dead.

I don't know if I should be happy with my English mark or not, which we got today. True, I failed the task. I don't know what I should've expected with my short story mark, since I actually didn't prepare properly for the task. After wasting around 3 hours trying to write a short story from nothing, I still had nothing I liked at 2am of the task. So I decided to reuse a story I wrote in year 10 that had nothing to do with leadership or authority. Didn't finish it for the exam, added around one sentence that relates vaguely to leadership.. LOL. Mafia week this week, fuck yeah! LOL.

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