Partie traumatic

Quick update while I'm waiting for my chemistry dot points (that I've just spent the past 4 hours working on) to print. I had a dream that I had a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas as wore them to school. I remember when I first saw them, I thought they were so ugly and didn't get the hype -- but okay now I take that back, they're beautiful. Really want to get a pair of suede boot wedges though, since there are sales right now.. School photos are tomorrow so I should be sleeping, especially since I have offline tomorrow morning. Probably going to rock up in school looking like a zombie. Like I do every year, since I've got the pale skin for it. Not that I'm freakishly pale or my skin has a dull tone or anything, but I always end up looking pretty shitty in my school photos, the chin of my face looking extra pointy and my hair looking like as tangled as tumbleweed. Yeah, I should go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where Jacqueline got her cream knit jumper from that she wore to camp?

Genevieve said...

Umm, I don't know which you're talking about, sorry! :s