I know some people who would kill to be you

Cupcakes with pretty frosting and sprinkles that I made with Jacqueline and Jennifer last week, my cat's socks

Argh I can't find the charger for the Canon and both battery's are out. I wouldn't mind using my dad's Samsung but the photo quality actually turns out different in some lighting (first photo), how annoying. Assessments are piling up, so this is a quick post before I start getting shit done. It was a closed weekend yesterday meaning an early finish at 2.00pm, and I managed to score a pair of black suede chelsea boots for half price! I remember when I first saw them, too. Thought they looked dumb, but I take that back. They're so versatile, and since they have that elastic part, it's so much easier to get on and off compared too all my other boots or lace ups or anything - so yay for chelsea boots.

Did I mention that I actually made it to regionals for cross country? I got a permission note off my PE teacher, and the carnival's on the 16th.. the same day I'll be leaving the comfort of technology and sanitation to the Budawangs for 3 days. I didn't actually know that there was actually a place called the Budawangs, I thought it was just slang.. For this whole term, we've been focusing on what to bring, how to navigate using a compass and watching Bear Grylls in PE in preparation for this camp. I haven't even started packing, too! Anyway, this is just a heads up. I'll be returning on Saturday night - hopefully it'll be an amazing experience!

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