Wow, so I'm finally back from camp and Twitter! I actually came back at 10pm on Saturday night, and it was such an amazing camp! Heaving around a ~15kg pack on our backs, hiking through uneven grounds, I came back from camp with stiff knees and ankles and hips and shoulders. I love love love my PE class! I'm so sad we haven't been together as a full class for a week, it feels like forever. Having hiked a total distance of around 40km over 3 days, waah such an accomplishment. And that included climbing the Castle, which is was this cliff, I think 800m above sea level? It was optional to climb it or not, and I was one of the 5 who made it... It wasn't even that strenuous, I thought, but I'm so glad I climbed it even though I cut my knee on a branch (ugh), because I heard that the second camp weren't allowed to go to the top cos it was so windy!

I wish I had photos to share with all of you, but unfortunately with assessments and my lack of Facebook, I haven't had the time to stalk my friends for photos yet. :( The 4 hour long bus ride home was so fun, bonded so much with the rest of the group that went... Swear, ever since this camp, I just love my PE class so much and look forward to class so much everyday. :$ Huge thanks to Mr Wilson, Ms Davis and Mr Rookyard for taking us on the trip!

Screwed up chem and finally presented my English speech today, only got maths assessment on Monday! Oh, funnily enough, it was while I was gone I gained around 3 followers! Many thanks, keke. Simply cannot wait for the holidays (delayed birthday parties, getting my L's, midnight session for HP7 and catching up on shopping) next week! :)

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