Things I'd rather do

My sister bought a slice of cake from 85。C for herself today, as a celebration that she's going to be on SBS tv for a couple of seconds, since they're going to be at an art project/workshop she's been doing and they wanted to have a quick interview or something with the people involved.

I think I'll post some photos from the art excursion later today, except none of the photos I like are actually from the art museum. I don't know what I've been doing today, but somehow it's 2am and I'm still online, doing nothing important at all, besides waste time which I could be sleeping.. Have you ever felt so bad about yourself that you just want to commit yourself to learning and studying, that you wanna stay up late and wake up early, just to study? Okay that could probably be just me, but shit days and late nights make me feel like that.

Getting my maths and chem half yearly results today, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, since I know most people didn't do too well. Planning on going to the gym today, too -- ironic how I've been craving creamy seafood marina pasta for the past 3 days, loaded with carbs that I probably will never work off. Excited to go gym, though! Time for me to pack my bag and sleep, goodnight! :D

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