Dreams came true

Photo source: Tumblr

Reasons why today is possibly best day ever: I had my last exam which wasn't actually too bad, very late night cramming paid off, my bus driver didn't charge me for the ride and just told me to have a lovely day, I found a book with the prettiest watercolour illustrations ever and plan to buy it off Book Depository as soon as possible, I got a large fries with my small meal at Maccas by accident, I went shopping with my best buds (LOL) Vivian and Grace, Grace is making a new Twitter account, Nick's Samsung Galaxy S2 finally came in and he's coming over later so we can catch up on three episodes of Modern Family on his new phone, my sister bought me an iced coffee and the Urban Outfitters package which my friends and I ordered came in today!! Best day in the world, going to enjoy this freedom before tomorrow, when I actually have to zone back into being a senior and finish off all that effing English work my teacher set us. Oh, and I also discovered possibly one of the best Tumblr's in a long time: Pusheen! Plan to maybe update my blog layout since I'm getting sick of it, but who knows how long I'll take. Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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