One more

This weekend, I was supposed to study for my final exam on Monday, biology .. except this study has been going pretty crap. Although I was surprised that I actually remembered some of the things I'd studied around 2 weeks ago, I'm getting half the questions that are in my textbook wrong.

Instead of starting to study at all when I got home, I decided to make some noodles and bang around some of the doors and cabinets in the kitchen looking for food. Even though I'd already eaten. Got distracted again cos my brother borrowed his friend's 50mm while our one has been lent to someone else, and wow, this borrowed 50mm is so, so much cleaner and smoother and in such a better condition than our own one. Took some photos, collaged two together (which can be viewed here -- a photo of my grey circle lenses that I haven't worn in yonks since I ran out of solution, finally bought more today) and helped my junior friends with chemistry.

So it looks like I've got a pretty long way to go with bio, and with Mother's Day tomorrow, I don't know how much study I'll get done. Fingers crossed I sleep before 3am on Sunday night!

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