Seventh never last

Photo source: Bird on a Wire

The photos from this collection by Bird on a Wire makes me wish summer was back and how it'd still be sunny at 7pm and I would buy iced coffees in the morning and take advantage of how quiet and peaceful Westfields was before the shops opened and people would be there.

Despite it being my 15 months with the boy, I'm feeling pretty shit about my PE exam today and this was the worst I'd ever done in cross country at school level, ever. Not that I did badly, I probably did anyway since my age group is relatively slow, but I'm surprised at how much my motivation to do well in things like these has dropped. I might as well stay online all day, adding things to my wishlist I'll never afford and never leave the house again, live my life forever at home. Probably can't even walk properly at this rate anyway, since I've developed two really gross blisters on my feet.

I can't seem to find the 50mm, let alone the camera at all since I think my brother took it to uni, so sorry for having to use photos from other sources. Pretty sure my life is going through a pretty shitty phase where nothing good is happening and I actually have things to do, but don't want to them.

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