Supersonic, hypertonic

Past couple of days has made me realise that I have the worst time management ever. I always end up sleeping at at least 3am on the night before exams, and end up either getting a coffee, even though I'm not even into coffee, or missing my bus and hence train and everything. Even with maths, I started studying from midday but still ended sleeping late. Not even because I was studying, but I was on the phone for at least half an hour after I'd stopped studying. Even though we're in exam period and I should be in my 'exam mode' and taking everything seriously, it still doesn't feel like it for me. Which is weird cuz I'm past halfway through my exams. OH YEAH and I changed the image on my sidebar cos I was getting bored and thought it was cute. Off Tumblr, though. All images in this post via Tumblr.

Went to Westfields after school by myself today, wow what a good life I have, and wanted to buy like 4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and cute pink-purple nail polish (I actually have the shades just above and below this, then they release this in-between colour -- it will be mine). LOL. Really wanna get a pair of winter shorts, some desert boot wedges and I'm still looking for the perfect cropped knitted jumper. Even after exams I don't think I'm going to have money to go shopping, since I keep spending my money on a drink in the morning to stay awake, gross unhealthy food in the afternoon so I'm not dying, and a can of grass jelly before catching the bus home. Man I'm a really bad PE student.

After tutoring today, Nick is meeting me at Canley Heights and we're going to have bun bo hue and pho for dinner, yay. :D Silly boy has never had it before and pronounces 'bun bo hue' all funny, but yay, perfect for a cold night. :D

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