Like a patient etherised upon a table

1: random I saw on the train on the way to St James. 2: shitty overexposed photo of the watercolours we were using in the park. 3-5: private school hats are so cute! 6: 'Sophie' Vans I bought off Urban Outfitters, probably the most uncomfortable shoes I have by far, even though I sized up. 7-8: I think someone should tell me to stop buying cute but dumb things.

I got my art, maths and chem marks yesterday and I did pretty badly, especially since maths was probably one of the few exams I came out of thinking I did okay. Kinda destroys the point of this motivational note I wrote for myself: you can be number one if you tried!! So much stress and time wasted.

So instead of studying to make up for it, I went to the gym with Yvy and Lisa and went youth group after that. (I guess this is why I got pretty bad, considering my attitude is pretty crap and this counts as not trying.) Gym was pretty fun, but I don't think I should go cos my arms have somehow still managed to stay worked enough from the swimming training I did in year 3, that when I wear sleeveless shirts, my arms look surprisingly worked. I think I'll just stay at home and do ab workouts which is between doing work. Which I hardly ever do in my room anymore since the library has a better environment. So I'd probably never work out at home .. Yay for me.

Youth group was so fun! Except I thought it was so awkward at first, since I didn't know anyone and because my name is annoying when introducing to new people. Genebib, Genebin, Jennifer, Geneve, Genie .. so Lawrence told people to call me Vivi, yay. :'( But it was so much better than the first time I went, cos that day I pretty much did not learn any new names. :$ The leaders there are so nice, keke, but it's a bit inconvenient to get there, so I don't know if I can go every week. Hope I can though. :)

By the time I got home, which was at around 9:20pm, I was feeling so much better. Athletics carnival is in around two weeks' time, the day right before camp .. Kinda sucks, actually nervous that I won't even place and won't even make it to zone. :S :'( Going to remove some crap on my blog, like widgets and pages -- too lazy to keep them updated. #win


Anonymous said...

Those Rilakkuma tabs - where do you get them from? (in the last photo) I really want them!

Genevieve said...

They come in a pack of three (there's their bird friend with them as the third design), for $1.95 at the Morning Glory in Chinatown. :)