Visions and revisions

Today I tried on a pair of tan riding boots and realised even though they're completely different and way slimmer than combat boots, they still have that effect and make me look so manly. :( So even though I had a VIP 30% off at Rubi today, I didn't buy anything at Livo besides some green apple licquorice, a new Staedtler eraser and a $5 feather necklace. Whether I actually end up wearing it is a completely different question, and I'm still trying to figure out ways I can somehow rip the feathers off and use them in my art assignment, even though the feathers are probably not the right shape. Or colour. Sorry for the dodgy posts and Tumblr-sourced photos (images via Tumblr and General Pants website), I haven't been doing much besides study or go out. Nick has fallen asleep next to me on the couch while I use his laptop, going through pages from Designsponge and Sarah McNeil's Flickr, trying to look for inspiration. I've only got around a week to pull some shit together for this assessment, and even though I have maybe one or two ideas, they're still a long way from being complete. :( I have a test on differentiation on Saturday morning, as well, and I haven't really studied for that, besides the intense cramming I did three weeks ago. My mum just told me that I have to go and get an injection tomorrow. Eugh, I hate needles.


Floralist said...

Aw what do you mean riding boots make you look manly?! I bet they look great : ) AND YES TO GREEN APPLE LICORICE OMG CRAVING NOW

Genevieve said...

They remind me of when I used to wear highcut Converses with everything. :( I was so hyped up for them and everything too, grrr. AND OMG I'VE ALMOST FINISHED THE WHOLE PACK OF LICQUORICE OMNOMNOMOMM. :D

Anonymous said...

hey so i randomly ran across your blog when i was trying to find the address to peak tutor in cabra or canley vale and in some of your posts i see you go there. Could you give me the address to the tutor place cos i cant seem to find it? And do they run 2unit maths and run it on sundays or saturday? Thanks so much in advance!