Through history

1. Sister's dress from Surry Hills. Apparently it's vintage and was imported from Japan? That's what the store-owner said! Love the cute floral design on it.
2. Things I find in my sister's room.
3. Two of the OPI nail polishes that were featured in the March 2011 issue of Shop Till You Drop. Loving the intense glitter in them! And since I was too lazy to change the lens, I reversed the 50mm, something I read about on Brendan Byron's blog, and got these super close shots. :D Except they're pretty blurry, but I kinda like how they looked almost warped.
4. Artificial flowers I bought yesterday, and the gold flakes I took from the art storeroom.

Summing up the past few days: working until 3am and waking up at 11am, finally reading up on all the theory on art through history and cramming everything I was supposed to learn in the past term into as little time as possible, surprise visiting Nick one day after tutoring, shocking him while he was only brushing his teeth, getting bitten by Tiger twice, late night Slurpees, finally finding a little motivation and vague ideas for my art assessment task, buying some artificial flowers and only realising that they weren't what I wanted, revisiting Liverpool library for a quick study session, getting some clay off Kyleen (once again, thank you so much! :D) then realising I didn't take home any clay tools, terrible weather teamed with wet shoes and going out for dinner at the Red Sichuan restaurant in Canley and watching around 6 men carry one of their drunk friends who had fallen asleep out of the restaurant and try to lift him into the car. Hopefully I'll be able to post soon with something more interesting, like an outfit post (which I'd usually never do so most likely not) or a sneak peak at what I'm doing for art! :D

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maria. said...

oh wow, what camera do you use? loving all the pictures