I'm not just saying that

All images via Tumblr. Hello readers! It's been a while since my last post, and I think I'll be changing parts of my layout soon, whenever I have time .. Which means it probably won't be for a couple of months since I'm that lazy, hurhur. Ever since the holidays started, I've completely lost sense of the day and date, and only realised this morning that it was a Friday because I could hear the rubbish collection vans driving up and down the street. Pretty rancid imagery there but that's how lost I've become. Anyway, apart from completely losing track of the dates, I've been spending the past week or so studying or feeling guilty about not studying for my half yearlies which start on the 2nd day back at school. Oh, and worrying about what I should do for my art assessment, worth 15% or something, due the first day back. I have completely no idea what to do and have virtually done nothing for it, even though this has pretty much been our only task since the beginning of the year. So I guess you could add that to my list of what I've been doing these holidays: feeling like a load of shit for not having done anything interesting for art. Then eating all this junk food to make myself feel better while listening to a playlist of homo k-pop songs I made when I was feeling sad one night. I think I'll drop art next year. The only art-y thing I ever feel like doing is just drawing something, and I still haven't tested out my watercolours. I swear, the few major bonuses about being an art student are just the reputation of being art-y, having access to rape the store room and excursions to the art gallery that end at 1pm, so you can hang out in the city with Art Crew. Anyway, this post was supposed to be a heads up that I'll most likely stop posting, or not as frequently, for a while until my exams are over (9th May). x

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