Not the best

Hello readers! I'm running out of interesting things to take photos so sorry for the crappy set of photos, and nothing fun has feels like it's been happening in my life, even though I just brought home a whole load of crap from the art department so I can work on my assessment task over our 3 week break. These last few weeks of school has been pretty full on. Since daylight saving, the nights have been so much colder and the mornings, fortunately, a lot brighter -- seriously, that one time I had to leave the house while the streetlights were still on since it was so dark, probably one of the scariest minutes ever, standing there waiting for the bus, LOL. But it kinda sucks now, since it gets darker earlier, meaning the 6.24pm bus is too late for me and I get home while it's pretty dark. :(

Yesterday I found out that the black sequin shorts I'd been watching for a long time now on Urban Outfitters have finally been removed from the site. I'm so sad that they've actually been removed though; but I guess it's my own fault that I didn't buy them, since I'd been watching them for ages, even though they'd already been reduced. I don't think the order from Forever 21 actually got through though -- around 7 weeks ago, my friends organised to combine shipping and buy from Forever 21, and the package still hasn't come yet, leading to the possibilities that either: a) they screwed up and sent our package to somewhere else in the world, maybe Germany or somewhere or b) we never actually ordered in the first place. Either way, I don't think I'll be getting those leatherette hot pants or black wedges. :( I guess that's a good thing though, since I can finally pay my brother the money I owed him and maybe spoil myself with a cheap thrill on eBay, or something like that.

We're actually on holidays right now, but for the past week or so, my sense of time and dates have been pretty off. On Thursday it felt like a Friday, and now that it's Friday, it doesn't feel like the holidays at all. Probably won't be, too, since we have exams the first week back. And while we're speaking of exams and assessments, we got our English assessment tasks back today and I actually got an A, which was completely unexpected. Seriously, I thought I was going to fail that task, I dreaded getting it back and everything, especially since this was the first senior English assessment. I was feeling so down and out of it last night/this morning, knowing that my friends would actually ace it and everything. I'm happy with my mark and have only my brother and God to thank lol, since I probably annoyed the fuck out of Genvin and really prayed that I didn't do too badly. :)

Got take-away pad thai and pad see ew from Holy Basil on Tuesday, and stopped by 7-11 on the way home to finally fulfill my damn cravings for a slurpee, early night out with Nick for our 14 months. :D During exam periods I ate whatever I want, whenever I want. Okay you could probably say that about me even when it's not exam period, but somewhere between lugging around my stupid art cabinet and during the car ride to get slurpees with Nick on Thursday (yeah I felt like it again), I realise that I eat so much crap that I shouldn't, I'm such a bad person LOL. And such a bad PE student. :(

And to end on a happier note, my sister showed me another Maru video. SO CUTE. I want a cat like Maru when I'm older, omg. And I forced Nick to watch this while when we were waiting at red lights in the car.

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