You're not sixteen

This week in a nutshell: finally found a text for English, got home at 7pm because I was at the library working on an essay, got 3 hours sleep because I was working on that damn essay, went to ArtExpress, walked around in the city afterwards and took caps with Art Crew 2011 (didn't take my camera so no photos, sorry!), got another notification for an assessment task (which is a 2-day assessment task on the same week as all the other assessments), didn't go volunteering which was actually really good LOL, didn't get much homework done, got ready and went to Danica's super fun party last night and today is my mum's birthday and my 13 months with the boy! :D

Happy (belated) birthday to my beautiful friend Danica Huynh for Tuesday! I've actually known her for second longest, after Angela out of the people in my group, so wow we've known each other since we were 8 (in year 3) so that's like .. HALF OUR LIVES, LOL. Love you, pretty! :D

Cutest thing ever, Vivian made a commemorative coin for Danica's birthday! It was a really cute party, haha, we played Pass the Parcel and Vivian made us a piñata .. Only Margaret hit the whole piñata off the string, so we turned it into a baseball-like game and used a broomstick instead of a bat, LOL. And Vivian kept trying to scare me with a rubber spider, LOL.

We went to Hungry Jacks for what I guess you could call dinner, and it was really homo cuz me and Vivian had to sit on a two-seater table cuz there were no more chairs left, and we were sharing a sundae, LMAO. You can probably find photos of that on Facebook somewhere. :'( LOL. Anyway, then after we all ate we played on the playground outside! I haven't been on them in years, it was so fun since we all had cameras and it was at night, too. :D I love these photos!

This is one of the very few posts that actually have my face in it where you can see it properly and everything .. And this is the most made up you'll ever see it, LOL. Turns out playing with make up almost every second night of the holidays was good practise. :$

We stayed for pretty long and it actually got dark, so we ran home, played more games, passed more parcels, cut the cake, Facebook stalked pretty girls and I had to leave pretty much right before we were going to watch Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. :( Nick wanted to go watch a movie afterwards but I didn't think my parents would've let, only it would've been so fun if we did! :( Anyway, the upcoming week should be pretty busy with around 4 assessments the week after! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

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Anna said...

Love your pictures, they emanate a positive energy. Looks like you had a great time.