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Really gotta rush typing this up since I think my internet might get cut off soon but omg today was the best best best day ever! I can't believe I was considering cancelling on my sister yesterday, since I guess ideally I should've spent today studying and getting some school work done. On around Tuesday or earlier this week, my sister told me that Ghostpatrol was going to be at Cockle Bay Wharf on Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with a couple of other artists, and they were all going to be creating an artwork live and that it was a free event, you can go watch them and everything! So since Friday was school and Saturday was tutor, me and my sister finally got to go today. Left the house late since we thought my parents were going to go out today as well, which they did but took forever getting ready, just like all parents haha. Got to Cabra station, I was so sleepy on the train ride there and so badly just wanted to fall asleep, even talking to my sister was making me tired, not because the conversation was boring or anything, but my head was kinda tilted so that I can kind of face her to indicate that I was listening to her, but my neck actually felt tired after a while, so sleepy, zzz haha. Got to St James station at around 1 (Ghostpatrol leaves/ends at around 3pm) and we went to David Jones because my sister wanted to visit her friend who works there in the confectionary section. Got there, I bought some Jelly Bellys since you can get them by flavour at the place, SO COOL, but I kinda got sick of them really quickly which sucks. We spent so long just browsing and exploring the food hall in David Jones - I can't believe I didn't even know about it at all until today! They had so many amazing things there, I was seriously squealing over everything, even just the sugar. SUGAR. But it was pearl sugar, that is so cool, it looked so pretty! :$ Anyway, I was complaining the whole day because I only brought one lens with me, which is just the 18-50mm lens I think, just the kit lens and I haven't used it in ages, can't believe I didn't bring the 50mm out! :( So so so sad, haha.

Anyway, after David Jones we walked to Cockle Bay Wharf and YES WE FOUND AND SAW GHOSTPATROL. This was actually my sister's 3rd time seeing him but she really admires him so it was still wonderful. For those who don't know, then coincidentally, Ghostpatrol was one of the artists we studied in art this year, one of the first artists we focussed on so to be able to have the opportunity to see him, live in action and whatever, was amazing. I love his works, they're just so adorable and simple, so perfect! Find more of his works here. Anyway but it was so so so cool to see him in real life, and I loved the work he had done! After we fan girl-ed over him for a while, we sat down at the Lindt cafe (which was in the same area) because my sister spontaneously decided that she wanted a sundae from there. The sundae and all of the other desserts were so beautiful, but the chocolate was so rich! Kinda sickening after a while but it was still really good, especially since this was my first time even seeing the place and everything.

Headed back to Town Hall at around 3pm and my sister spontaneously pulled me into this Asian convenience store that she wanted to show me and it was AMAZING THERE. SO COOL. Just like in the food hall at David Jones, I was squealing over all the Japanese lollies, giant Pocky, HyunA and 4minute on ice cream packaging, everything. When we were about to leave, we realised that there was an upstairs area for the store as well, and apparently everything upstairs was $2.50! :D So we went upstairs just to explore and I found the cutest bento boxes ever! They're simple though, just bold colours but they were so cute, so who has a new bento box! :D :D And we saw these ice cube trays that made SPHERICAL ICE CUBES, how cool is that! And when we finally left the store, we saw Ghostpatrol and Kid Zoom and their other hipster friend, walking in front of us. :3 So cool. Oh and before, when he was painting, he looked at me weirdly. I guess better that than not looking at me at all, LOL. :$

Went to Kinokuniya and added like a million books to the list of things I want, as well as the cutest Rilakkuma pens and merchandise in the worlddd! Seriously I love Kinokuniya and all the books there, except they're all art/photography/craft books so it's not really something with a plot and characters, nothing my English teachers would prefer me reading .. One day I'm going to buy all these wonderful books for my future bookshelf, and I'll have a baby library in my room and I can refer to them any time I want. That'll be me one day, with the mad az bookshelf. And that'll be me one day, asked to do some street art for charity. I can dream. :$

Anddddd, as a final highlight for the day me and my sister decided to try the new sushi train restaurant downstairs! It was so cool, they were having a special offer since they had only just opened and pretty much all the plates (minus side dishes which were just $3 and sashimi) were $2.50! :D It was so so so so cool, I've never ever seen it for so cheap! Unfortunately, my camera was running out of battery and I wasn't able to take that many photos .. The girl sitting next to me with her boyfriend made me so jealous! Not because of her boyfriend or anything but oh my gosh, she sits next to me with her cute bag from Chanel, her HELLO KITTY LIMITED EDITION FUJIFILM INSTAX AND HER SUPER COOL GLITTER NAILS. She made me so jealous, you have no idea, and then she takes a photo with her boyfriend with her camera and I was just aeroplane jelly. :'( Seriously, could I be any more jealous?! LOL. Oh and just saying here so I don't forget, one of the chefs looked like Jay Chou and another chef had eyes that reminded me of Junhyung. :$ But if anyone's interested in going then I'd recommend it! It's at least worth trying, anyway, and I really like the interior design and what they've done with the restaurant. :) Level 2 of the Galleries Victoria!

Anyway, sorry to bore the crap out of all of you with such a long ramble about how my day was, blogging like this reminds me of the extended period where I used to go through my day, breaking it down period by period at school and describing what happened, every day. Can't believe people actually read stuff like that, LOL. Sorry for such a super duper photo and text heavy post though, readers, I hope you all have a good week! :D

OH! I almost forgot to mention! I got two of the sweetest messages I can ever remember (LOL) on Tumblr about my blogspot from naiveteenagers and lazydaise! Can't thank you guys enough for such nice messages like these and for reading my blog! ^w^ You + my wingmen make my day, LOL.


gp said...

ha ha you should have said hello
email me your address an di'll send you some stickers

wendayfang said...

lovely pictures! :)

Danica said...

Aww that is too cool

Genevieve said...

@gp: Oh wow, you commented! That'd be lovely, thank you so much! :D

@wendayfang: Aw, thanks so much! :))

@dp: You jelly? :3 LOL.