You see me rollin'

I love Sarah McNeil. :( Everything about her works are just so quiet and soft and delicate and so so so perfect. For me, she is pure inspiration and seriously, I aspire to be like her. You can find more of her works here.

Zzz I feel sorry for my few readers, I haven't blogged anything substantial in what feels like forever, or maybe my life is really that boring. :( See that drawing of the cat up there? With the Micky Mouse pants and split head? Hopefully in the near future, a life sized version of that will be pasted on the school walls. Yeah, that's how we roll in art elective. :D LOL nah but any suggestions (on the cat one) to make it cuter or anything, or any feedback? The other drawings are the other ones I did but decided not to use. Compared to Sarah McNeil's works above, mine look like a load of crap. :(

Yesterday was a closed weekends, meaning all the boarders at my school (because our school's a boarding school for those who want it) get to go home to their families for the weekend and school finishes at 2pm for everyone! :D So after school, Nick drove me, Grace and Vivian to Cabramatta so we wouldn't have to run for the train, haha. We went to the library and did some homework and found some other people there. Nick helped Danica and Simon with mathematical induction, and then complained about how he didn't have a tutoring job while heaps of his other friends did. He didn't even apply for a job, LOL. then me and Nick took a break and went to Woolies to buy chocolate and unhealthy junk food since I was feeling hopeless about work. :( This happens every week when I do homework, seriously, I hate it .. But after asking heaps of questions and probably annoying the crap out of my friends, I finally get it. :$ Me and Nick left the library at around 6pm, drove home, my dad brought home some chicken laska for me and nasi goreng for Nick and omg it was so spicy. :( For those who don't know then I really can't take spicy food, my face was getting hot and sweaty after like 4 bites. :( Anyway, apart from that we got a notification for an English assessment coming up in around 2 weeks! Just thinking about it makes my heart sink, no matter how cliche that sounds, because it actually does. :'( Oh and today I saw Sir Mai at a restaurant in Cabramatta! Funny how I could tell from such small indications: his very nice fingernails, watch, gold bracelet, polo shirt, D&G glasses and gold chained necklace .. LOL. I didn't say hi though because he didn't see me. I haven't seen him in ages. :( Anyway, time to go study, hope everyone has fun tonight if they're going out while I get annoyed that my new red pen has such a dull colour (my old one ran out, I've had it for more than a year and it was such a good pen, the ink was vibrant, it was smooth and the weight of the line was fine but not too skinny. Perfect. /homo).

Oh and sorry readers, for such boring photos. Seriously I don't even know if I've taken any photos this week, I don't even know what I've been doing but I don't think anything interesting has been going on. :( Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm going out with my sister tomorrow to see Ghospatrol! He'll be at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney tomorrow from around 12-3pm, making artworks for charity. It's a free event, so if you guys have to time and are willing to, then come! :D


Mani said...

Maybe if you want the cat cuter, you could change the eyes or just make them bigger? Anyway, I like it! :D

Genevieve said...

Hmmm I'll try that out, thanks Mani! :D