Not a thing that I would change

Hello readers! Do you like my naked Barbie doll and porcelain pug figurine? LOL. I think I've developed some kind of pattern and I think I've been blogging every Saturday for a while now, or if not then it feels like that, LOL. For those who don't know, for me, every Saturday begins at 7.20am where I wake up and get ready for tutor (8.20 to 10.05), eat at Pho Hien with Wendy and Grace, tutor again (11.30 to 1) and then volunteering at the Salvation Army in Canley Vale (1 to 2). By then, all the work and motivation that was going through me during tutoring at the time has completely worn off, and by the time I get home at 2.30, all I want to do is take photos of stupid things, blog and put off doing homework for a couple of hours. :( That's how I roll, LOL.

Anyway, at Salvos I actually don't have much to do so it's pretty much just an hour of going through the clothing racks looking for cheap thrills and exploring all the other stuff they have in store and acting busy while the managers probably watching, LOL. I was going through the bric-a-brac and someone had donated their collection of owl figurines! Was tempted to buy a cute round owl that was reading a book but I didn't, haha, instead I bought the pug figurine (featured above), keke. I thought it was kinda cute. :$ And today when I was volunteering at Salvos I felt all dizzy and gross, felt so out of it. Lucky there weren't that many customers.

Visuals: naked Barbie doll (I never played with them as a child, kinda sad that the first one I buy doesn't have clothes on, $2 at Salvos); new polish from Sportsgirl that is surprisingly chip-resistant, 'Lace' (and yeah I know the photo isn't focused properly, sorry!); sister cooked dinner last night; pug figurine that I bought today; vintage floral shirt that I bought a couple of weeks ago; this week's spread in my Kikki.K diary (I really like the border I glued on, cut out from a Sportsgirl catalogue); another damn crystal necklace that reminds me of a stalactite.

For the record, Nick left to go Melbourne for 3 days at like 7.30am yesterday. And I found out that my sister's friend has the same date with his girlfriend, as mine on 60210. Change the six to a nine and I could've had 90210, which sounds so much catchier. :( LOL kidding. :3

Oh and I'd just like to share this really sweet cover of Just The Way You Are, performed by Kelvin from year 10 at Muticultural Day on Thursday. To be honest, when I heard that someone was singing this song I did the whole 'mentally rolling eyes' kinda thing but when I heard it was on piano, it changed everything. His voice, the piano, everything omg, it's so cute! :D

I'm supposed to be working on art right now but I'm procrastinating that too, since I don't really feel like drawing. The topic we're doing this time is actually pretty cool; Cabinet of Curiosity. Kinda sounds lame like that, but basically we're going through art over the time and collecting/recreating ideas and concepts and stuff, so right now we're looking at cave paintings or something, and our adaptation/recreation of it is that we're drawing whatever we want but keeping it cute and simple (inspired by Ghostpatrol and Miso - their works are amazing and my sister actually got a personalised drawing by Ghostpatrol as a birthday present from her friends last year, how cool right!), then painting it on a life sized scale (or however big you want, really) with ink on brown paper, then cutting it out and permanently pasting it on the walls. It's more exciting than it sounds, for some photos of what we're doing, click here (source: Mitchell)!

It's all really exciting but I haven't managed to make a decent start on mine .. We're also allowed to appropriate some artworks if we're really that desperate, as long as we change or add something of our own to it! As bad as it sounds, I'm tempted to do that but the artworks in mind have tiny details and I would love love love to be able to do, but it'll be too hard with damn ink. :( Still not sure what to do, I just hope I'll like what I do in the end! Sorry to bore you all with such a word-y post, and I know my photos have become kind of repetitive and fall into the same categories of dumb quartz necklaces, my Kikki.K diary and crap I buy, sorry! :( And oh wowwww, I got a message from Wendy of dustyflours! Oh wow, that just made my day, LOL. Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Kelvins voice isn't that great.. Lol. He has like lazy speech in the song where he says like "th" as a "f". But good on him for having a try anyway. :D

Genevieve said...

Aww are you serious! I love his voice, or maybe that's because I haven't heard him sing before, but I thought the cover was so sweet. :3

brigduong said...

The dog figuring is so CUUUUUTE. :)

Anonymous said...

OMGOMGOMG I looove dustyflours her blog is so amazing I can't believe you got a message from her so jealous :PP

Genevieve said...

@brigduong: Aww I love it! :D

@Anon: I was so so so stoked when I saw that I got a message from her! I even read it twice just so I could get all excited about it. TWICE. LOL.