The hottie you slept with

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating with your loverboys or happily single. :D Nick surprised me after class today and bought me this massive teddy bear! It's one of those super soft ones from Morning Glory that are so soft and cuddly you can't not pat them when you're in the store. We went to Liverpool after school and the oiliest but wonderfully delicious Lebanese pizza with chips and Coke. Hope it doesn't hurt my arteries and health too much. :( Turns out all my timetable changes have been one of the most tedious and frustrating things I could've ever done at Hurlstone so far, and Miss Jackson accused me of blaming her for my timetable screw up. In her office, I was literally rolling my eyes, FUUUU-ing in my mind and getting bitchy while a whole line of my lovely friends were complaining that I was taking too long, ugh. Kinda sad I didn't get to help out with sing-o-grams and rose deliveries today .. Especially since it's a year 11 only thing, and it's always been like that every year. :( Sigh. Oh, but good thing is that I got 2 new followers this week! Pretty sad that I rejoice to little victories like this, but I'm super glad, thank you so much, dear followers! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones! :D


brigduong said...

Gah I really love the first photo!!

Genevieve said...

Aww, thank you so much bubs! :D