Towards negative infinity

Wow, welcome back to Blogger and full version Twitter, I've finally finished my English assessment, yay! Sorry to my readers disappearing for almost 2 weeks without saying anything, we had an assessment at school and it drove me crazy, seriously, but I promise I'll be posting soon, think I've got some pretty mad plans for this weekend! :D With my poor time management skills, I didn't even prepare a practice response for question 2, only finished my essay for question 1 the night before and ran on 2 hours or less of sleep for 2 days leading to the assessment .. But seriously, if it turned out to be question 2 I would've started throwing things across the room and raging, as I've done through stress this week. This reminds me of my yearly exams last year, I made myself do work and pretty much cried every night since I thought I was getting dumb and that all this studying wouldn't help and that if I didn't do well then what hope could I have in life, lulz. But wow, I was pretty unstable this week and actually wanted to completely trash my room and I don't know, get hit by a bus (WHICH I ALMOST DID, EFFING METROLINK DRIVER) and overdramatic shit like that.

Meet my new shoes from Asos (the buckled ones)! Came in last week I think, the shipping is so quick! When I saw them on the site, I thought they were cute, and when they had 10% off selected styles and on already reduced stock, PLUS free shipping, how could I resist. :$ My mistake though, when I read that they were 12cm I pretty much completely disregarded that and thought they normal height. What I didn't realise was that 12cm is only 1.5cm shorter than the wedges I wore at formal (above), and the platforms on them are HUGE. But whatever, I still love them, I just have to find somewhere to wear them to! My friends and I ordered off Forever 21 around 2 weeks ago or maybe a little more, but the package should be coming in soon, how exciting, awaiting my pleather hot pants and wedges, woooo!

Today, I said I was going to go home and study, but instead I just went through cooking magazines with my sister, gaping at food while eating food. I'm so cool. Assessments and exams are really starting to pile up though. On Monday, we had a biology assessment which was a field trip to a rock platform, and it was so calm and really pretty there. It would've been cool if I brought my camera, but we were actually pretty busy but I really wanna go there again, it's so calming there. :) I have a PE assessment task on first aid all day tomorrow and Friday, and when you pass you get a certificate which lasts for 1 or 2 years, so that's cool. :D Next week I have a chemistry exam on metals, and the week after I think I have an exam on differentitation .. Both pretty big exams, gotta make sure I study enough not to fail it!

I love my art class, seriously it's probably one of the few places right now where I feel calm and relaxed. Even though our projects are due a while away, that time is gonna fly and I'm going to be rushing and stressing just like every other art assessment task. Oh, and I've realised that I really like using ink! It's so much darker and bolder than just paint, I wanna experiment more with it. That, gouache and watercolours. :3

Yeeaah, that's how we roll in art crew, we paste shit up on the walls, wooo. This was part of our assessment tasks, inspired by Ghostpatrol and Miso, they're supposed to look like cave paintings/be our variation of cave drawings. And that white cat with it's brains spilling out is mine, wooo. :) Inspired by iheartdropdead clothing, our teacher let us copy/change other works if we were really desperate. I borrowed the school's Canon today. This is Christie looking seductive .. I swear this is one of her signature looks, LOL.

And oh my god, what's happening with Japan, everything is falling apart. :( Everything is happening over there, and with the little money I have (and even though I do owe my brother and sister money right now) I'm still willing to donate most of what I have to Japan. I've never been there before but it's somewhere I definitely want to go to before I die. I don't even know what to say about it, but everything has really just gone so wrong and I hope everyone is safe and stay strong. :s Please support Japan, and donate to the Red Cross HERE.

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