In the mail

Wooo look what came in the mail today! I got mail from Ghostpatrol, who was super kind enough to mail me some stickers. Everything I got was so cute, down to the sticky tape he used to seal the adorable envelope, everything! :D Today was the last day of our 2-day assessment task for PE, which was basically a first aid course, where all of us, in the end, would get official first aid certificates and we'd all be qualified to perform CPR and simple first aid. :) Probably one of the best weeks of this term, where I got a lot closer to my wonderful PE class and had a whole load of fun practising CPR on mannequins and watching actors pretend to cut off whole parts of their fingers to demonstrate what to do if that ever happened. Oh and I got 45/45 for the multiple choice assessment at the end of the day, wooo. Thanks Bob, our instructor, so much for tolerating us, haha. :D Anyway, since my plans for tomorrow got cancelled (which I'm so sad about - I was so excited to have a place to wear my new heels) I might just go to Livo Westfields with my sister and take advantage of the huge Supre sales right now, for cheap basics. Hope you are all well and have better plans for this weekend than I do!

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