A little uncalled for

How amazing is this, seriously. From Sportsgirl, I don't even know how much this is but if I could make this myself then I totally would, cuz I'm that much of a cheapass, but seriously, IT'S FEATHERS FOR YOUR SHOULDERS. So cool, I could wear this to a jungle party. Huh. :D

How cute are these beanies! I totally walked past them when I was in store - I never wear beanies and I look completely ridiculous in them, but how cute!

This autumn, I want an oatmeal chunky knit cropped jumper, and acid washed denim runner shorts. Black or blue, I don't even care. I could probably find them in Surry Hills or Glebe markets or somewhere like that, but I don't know when the next time I'll be going is, with tutor on Saturdays. :( Noooo. I wouldn't even mind this pair from American Apparel, but it's so overpriced, and I don't even know what colour I'd want to get. :$ Life decisions.

Went to Sushi Hotaru with family on the weekend, and me and my sister wandered around the city afterwards. Yes, green salmon roe. I don't even know if it's actually salmon roe but it probably is. It tasted like wasabi, and since I really can't take spicy food or anything similar, so I was seriously dying when I put the whole thing in my mouth. SO MUCH WASABI, I wanted to finish my Ramune drink right there. :( Ramune is the best, it's like a Japanese lemonade or something but it tastes more bubblegum-like than your average Sprite, and it's an overall lighter taste. It smells really cute, if you can even say that, but the worst thing about it is that it exploded a bit when I pushed the marble in. :( So embarrassing. For those who've never had it, you really would have no idea what I'm talking about, so disregard everything until you try it. D:

I spent a lot this past week, since normally I'd leave the house with less than $5 so I'd save money, but I've been buying hot chocolates in the morning so much. :( Anyway, taking advantage of the Supre sales in the city, I bought a sheer tank and black backless leotard from Supre ($5 each), a little faux fox tail from Sportsgirl ($7.95, half price I think?) and my brother bought me a red Konika Pop from a second hand store in Fairfield! I love it, except all I've been doing is clicking the buttons and switches without any film. Oh and I made a wreath in like 5 minutes yesterday, imitation of the Sportsgirl one, but I really like it. :$

Went to Holy Basil with Nick after chem tutor (I failed this exam, oh man you have no idea) on Tuesday but didn't take my camera. Library crew in Cabramatta after school on Wednesday. Sushi Bay and some shopping after school on Thursday with Nick, where I spent half an hour debating whether I should buy this playsuit or not and decided not to when I realised it was double the price I thought it was. Actually got home after school at a normal time today. Up to 80% off at a Guestore sale on the weekends, sucks that I'm going halfway through the day when I know other people are camping out there to get in early! Hope I find things in my size, hoping to find a Wrangler piece I've been eyeing at Globalise, wish me luck! :$


lolizzie said...

Lovely photos! Good luck for for finding your wrangler piece! :D

Genevieve said...

Daww, thanks Lizzie! I told Lisa to keep an eye out, fingers crossed one of us find it for a good price! :D