Lunar new year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Lunar sounds cool though, teehee, probably wouldn't ever use that word so taking opportunity to use it. :D To all, I wish you a happy new year, good health, happiness and the best of luck. "Every time you thought of giving up, remind your self what kept you holding on." I love that quote, and hopefully some of you lovely readers would. :$

On Chinese New Year Eve, my sister was going to be performing at the temple so me, Nick and Genvin planned to head out later, watch performances and hang around for an hour or two and then go home, since I had school the next day. We ended up getting home at 1.30am since my sister decided to come home with us. Pretty cool that I was allowed to stay out that late with school the next day, but I actually had offline maths the next morning so I had to wake up almost a whole hour earlier than I usually do, FML. u__u" At the temple, we asked people how old they thought me, Genvin and Nick were, and so many people thought I was oldest, or Genvin was older than everyone, it was pretty funny. :) Really coincidental too, because it turns out that my sister's friend's girlfriend's brother is actually our chem teacher at Peak, Steven. And Peter, the other sub we had was there too. Next day, me and my sister were going through photos from the night before on Facebook, saw a photo with one of the Peak subs in it, clicked on his profile and turns out we were going through his album of photos from CNYE. WHAT IS THE CHANCE OF ALL OF THIS HAPPENING, LOL. All CNYE photos taken by Peter Phan.

School resumed a couple of days ago, and I've been pretty dead with homework (since I plan to actually do it this year .. Only I didn't finish maths homework last night, looks like I broke a 2 days streak), waiting for damn buses in fucking 37 degree heat and trying to sit in the most comfortable position I can find that doesn't accumulate gross sweat patches on this new senior dress. Compared to year 10, the workload of year 11 is actually a lot more and by a lot. I handed in my form to switch classes today, and hopefully I don't cause too much trouble with my timetable since I handed a form in last year requesting changes to my coming timetable, which didn't end up coming up. It's confusing. :( I'm probably liking PE with Wilso the most right now, or maybe that's because we talk and discuss more than we actually write.

Probably the best thing about school right now is that I finally have a diary (organiser/scrapbook) that I use consistently. And being able to walk through the Hall of Honour.

Other stuff that I need to mention somewhere: a) I can't wait for swimming carnival! 10th February, Macarthur Miami, I hope I can find some Hawaiian shirts to slut up and wear! LOL.
b) Year 11 Interact members are organising Valentine's this year for school! I put my name down to help bake some cookies, so you all better buy from the cookie stall (15/2 I think). AND FROM OUR NEM NUONG STALL ON TUESDAY! c) In the daily notices, they called nem nuong 'memory sticks' - WHAT THE HELL. d) I bought some stuff on eBay on the 10th January and my package still hasn't arrived. e) Cousins and aunt came over during the day and I came home today and found 6 unopened li xi on my bed! Love Chinese New Year, wheww! f) This Sunday it'll be my one year anniversary with Nick, yay! :)

Tomorrow it'll be 42 degrees and I'm going to be busy tomorrow from 8am to around 3:30pm. I hope everyone has a wonderful time lounging in air conditioning or if you're outdoors then stay hydrated! :D My blog feels so empty and isolated, comment/Formspring me?

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