Gay in Miami Bitch

So much has happened since I blogged! Even though it's just been - what - 6 days (?) there's so much that has happened. :D Going to try to cram as much as I can for the time being into this post, since I should be catching up on all the homework I've neglected for the past week or so.

For one, me and Nick celebrated our one year anniversary on the 6th of February! I saw my cousins in the morning and had yumcha with the extended family. I haven't seen all of my cousins in a long time, since they're usually busy with work, are overseas or are at a music festival. I haven't had yumcha in ages, either! So it was pretty nice to see them again and we played Spoons/Tongues (card game) at my grandpa's apartment. :) After that, we got home at 5.30pm and Nick came over. I finally caught up on Bloglovin' (since I'm hardly on a computer nowadays - I use mobile Twitter and MSN), Formspring and everything. Me and Nick were planning to go to Gemelle's for dinner since I am in love with their creme brulee, but we drove past and they weren't open! :( So we quickly changed plans and went to Sushi Bay instead, which was probably better. I love that restuarant. :)

We came home to my empty house since the rest of my family went to the city for the Lunar New Year festivals, so I quickly washed my uniform for school the next day and made Nick help hang them up. Then we ate some Jelly Joys while I finished my homework and Nick watched Rush Hour. And then we played Snap and Bullshit (I won the last game, best achievement ever, I was so proud) which was pretty pointless since it's Nick - he fricken has the fastest reactions in Snap I've ever seen and he's a poker player and knows card tricks. :( Seriously, he snuck cards back into the deck before the game even started. *0*

Other things that happened this week: I bought stickers from Morning Glory, something I haven't done in years; I had two job interviews at KFC; I left my wallet on the bus; I finally got another reference so I can finish/update my resume; my wallet was reported and my dad picked it up for me; I haven't done any homework this week (pretty much); I found out that the year 11 art class are studying Ghostpatrol and Miso and I am super duper excited to join art again; nem nuong store to fundraise for Queensland Floods; I got 4 new tops and made cutoffs that are too big for me (they're Levi and I love them so much, such a shame they're so big); and received two packages this week, one that was posted in a letter envelope and the other cushioned by multiple layers of yellow duct tape, at least 5cm worth of styrofoam blocks and cardboard. I love getting mail.

Swimming carnival was today and I didn't bring my camera, so I'm relying on Mitchell and Eugene for photos. :$ There are 2 new boarder girls that are in my age group that are faster than me, so in my freestyle heat I came 4th (out of 5) so I was kinda disappointed since I felt like I was swimming so slowly, too. It's kinda sad that even though I probably made it to finals night if they take the top 6 times, there's pretty much a 0% of me making it to the Zone team. I've pretty much been/had the potential to if I went to Finals Night, make it to the Zone team ever since year 3 .. So yeah, oh well, too bad so sad. I competed in the 17 year old girls (I should be in the 16s but didn't wanna risk pissing Wilso off) biathlon today as well and I'm so unfit, oh my gah. Vanessa wrote on my back I'm gay in Miami bitch and Wilso saw and told me to rub gay and bitch off. How awkward, he's my PE teacher and remembers me. :I The dance area at swimming carnival was pretty cool too. Only complaint is that in the middle of it all it smelt so badly of body odour. :I

I feel sunburnt even though yeah, I did lather up. Macca Macca, coming last in points but we won the cheering competition! Hopefully my next post will just be photos from swimming carnival (I realised I'm hardly ever in swimming carn. photos, I don't know why, haha), fingers crossed. My parents are bringing home Holy Basil's chicken pad thai for me tonight, hope everyone else has a good dinner after an amazing day today! :D

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