Almost another year

My dad's out on a bike ride at the moment (which is kinda cute, because he's in his mid fifties and still goes on bike rides on his mountain bike, buys origami books and paper and loves photography) so I'm taking this as an advantage to use his computer, LOL. Today I went to Cabramatta and had lunch with my grandpa and some of his friends or probably one of my relatives. I've never met her before. Her skin was very smooth. I wish I'll be as active and energetic as her when I'm older, haha. Oh and when we were walking past all the stalls and performances on the street, we passed this place where they had live rabbits that you could pat (rabbits, because it's year of the rabbit). SO CUTE. Anyway, when Genvin finished work we walked around Cabramatta to buy a drink. We ended up staying in Woolworths for at least half an hour .. And half the time we were in Woolies, we spent in front of the iced coffee section, trying to decide which would be the best choice. Oh, and so the glass bottle of Coke I wanted to buy (80c, how can you not buy it) which we left in the freezer section could chill. Saw Margaret and Christie in Woolies, too.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the summer holidays before school resumes. I wonder if I'll go out tomorrow, but I haven't even bought schoolbooks yet. For those who don't know, Chinese New Year will be on the 3rd of February. Hope everyone's having fun before school resumes! All photos taken by my dad (Nikon D90 with 35-70mm f/2.8 lens).

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