Hi readers! I haven't been posting regularly these holidays and especially now, since school's resuming in a matter of days and everyone's rushing to organise outings to make the most out of our holidays before year 11. I changed around the fonts on my blog earlier today too, since 12 point Arial was killing me. Anyway, these are just a couple of photos from this week!

On Thursday, I went to the uniform shop and finally bought my senior uniform, then took the train to Padstow and went to Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre with Nick! It was so fun, I haven't been there in so long and it's changed so much, there's this water playground now! So many kids on it, it was so so fun. :) I love the smell of pools. After that, we went to Drummoyne and had lobster mornay and battered fish, served with chips and salad. :)

Yesterday, I had to visit my orthodontist so they could remake a new retainer for me, I only had it for a week! :( But after that, spontaneously decided to take a train and head to the city to buy a Kikki.K diary. :) I wanted to get the 365 journal, and ended up taking forever to decide which one, but Nick wouldn't let me get any other one besides the 2011 one and bought it for me. :) He got himself a pencil case and a pen too, haha, what a cutie. We had lunch at Ichiban Boshi (outside Kinokuniya) and I didn't have my camera to take photos of my yakisoba, or Nick's ramen. :( Left the city early, since I had offered to do some volunteer work at Cabramatta for the Chinese New Year festival (29-30/01), which finished at 6.30pm.

And finally today, Vanessa and Christie visited me while I was doing volunteer work at the Salvation Army! Christie got some $3 Sass & Bide shorts (which I told her about, hmph!) and I bought two teaspoons that I thought were super cute. I wanted to get 4, but I actually didn't have enough money on me, how embarrassing .. And I dropped two 20 cent coins on the floor which actually rolled away out of reach. Damn I'm poor. Happy Saturday!


Mani said...

The spoons remind me of my grandparents, hah! They have a whole box of them :b

Genevieve said...

They're so pretty! Kinda sad though since I'm buying them and haven't even been to the places they're souvenirs for. :(