Sushi Choo

Argh a couple of days ago I found these picture books that me, my brother and sister all grew up with and some other small and probably stupid things that I accumulated during primary school and I said I was going to take photos the next morning but I never did. I even found these two clips that Simon Banh gave me in year 6 cuz I thought they were cute and wanted them, LOL. :$ Hopefully I include them in a post in the near future.

Point is, I've actually been doing stuff other than slouching across two swivel chairs while refreshing Twitter every 2 minutes, raging over Neopets and looking at the same shit over and over again on Tumblr.

Oh yeah, photos from Sushi Choo outing. The $20 all you can eat part kinda sucks if you ask me since the sushi variety is very, very limited. We took 3 plates of edamame - seriously, who doesn't that. :I So in terms of sushi then $20 is good, but in terms of like eating and lunch and what's worth your money at all then $20 for this was kinda crap. :( After that, I went with Mitchell, Grace and a couple other people to Caps and Market City (where me and Grace kinda split up). And I found Dolly Wink lashes, wooo but they're $36 for two pairs. Kill me nao. I bought these two rings from Rubi since they were $2 each. They look a lot better from far away.

And in regards to the photos, then yes, I do have a thing for crazy Japanese nail art. :$

I've been editing some HTML crap on Blogger because I don't think I've mentioned but I'm going to be changing my layout really soon. Finally switching to a proper layout provided by Blogger so I won't have to look for other/extra codes that didn't come up with the layout I'm using right now.

This new layout is kinda like a new start and I'm so sick of pettyporcelain as my blog URL, so can people please suggest new blog names/URLs? I really don't know what to do and I don't wanna keep this old one! :( And for the people who don't like stupid Courier New as my font right now then just saying, I'm changing back to Arial when I change my layout. I liked Courier New though, lol. :$

Oh and my dad changed the lens on the Canon. Now it has no zoom. I want to die but the bokeh is verr nice. Um-nyum-nyum I love iced coffee.

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