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Visuals: average/everyday outfit, new photo set-up on my wall (if the photo's confusing, then it'd probably help to know that the door of my built-in wardrobe is pretty much always open, and has a Hello Kitty on it), Lee cut offs. Wow just realised how bad my editing skillz are, sorry for the super shit editing, I didn't know the lighting in my room was so dark and had to edit. :I

IMPORTANT QUESTION: would people be willing to buy distressed/studded/etc cut offs, for example the one in the picture (if prices were like $15-25 or something similar)?

Thanks to a couple of very nice Formspring messages, I've decided to blog maybe a little more, even though my average is already at 4 times a week. :o Oh, for the people who were wondering how I cut up the back of my shirt, then I basically followed this video by Salinabear, her tutorials are really simple and have nice results, keke. :3 Lizzie also wanted me to do a fishtail braid tutorial .. But I don't wanna make a video, and it's hard if I only take a couple of photos, but I don't want to post bad photos of my face (i.e. all photos with my face) so I don't know if I will or not, probably not. :( Sorry.

These holidays, I was told to 'relax a little' since it's the last real holiday I'll be getting until the end of HSC .. Thinking about things like that scares me. :( I'm still very unsure of what subjects I should take since I really, really want to take visual arts but am already taking an extra unit. :( Kinda sucks, but if I don't get to do art then I'll probably be whining about it a LOT. I'm currently taking: bio, chem, ext. maths, adv. English, PDHPE and ag .. If anyone has any stories or comments about any of the senior courses for my subjects then I would really really like to hear about it and I'd appreciate messages on my Formspring or Twitter? :S Thank youuu!

The total way to relax during your holidays: wake up in the pm, don't eat any proper meals besides dinner, play Neopets, check every single tweet and Twitter update you receive, bother to check Tumblr because all the photos on your dash aren't the same thing, refresh Bloglovin' every two hours, think about all the ways you could get more out of life, decide that you should implement changes to make yourself a better person, think about what to do tomorrow since you'll totally be a new person and have a better life, eat ice cream, watch Harry Potter, go back to room and sit there, decide to play with makeup, cake on your makeup because that's the way you'll get guys, talk on the phone, fall asleep in the am, have a super long dream and wake up in the pm, cycle continues. This sums up my holidays, LOL.

But seriously, I tried gyaru/dolly makeup yesterday and the day before. It was fucking mad. :$

I had this amazing idea in the shower yesterday about new years resolutions, improving instead of changing and ways to become a better person, all that kinda crap. I never really thought about new years resolutions since no one really keeps them anyway .. Seriously, my 2010 new years resolution that I kept going for longest was 'no more than 1 iced coffee a week', and near the last third of the year I decided 'fuck it' and that was the end of my 2010 resolutions, LOL.

When I was younger, I used to have new years resolutions like gain a little weight this year, try to stop swearing, save money .. And we all know that that's just pointless. As a person about to go through adolescence and a lot of growing up, your weight will rise and fall more than your Turmac will in Turmac Roll; you will rage, swear and rant at every small thing that fails to meet your standards, including yourself; and what's the point of saving money when the point is just to spend it anyway?

So my super cool plan isn't really that exciting when I put it in words, but instead of thinking of changes like 'I want to be fatter/skinnier' or 'I want to be smarter so I should study', then I thought of having the image of the person I want to be (for example: no braces, no scars from mosquito bites on legs, visibly toned stomach, always gets really good in exams, blah blah) and then trying to make goals to be that person. I don't know, but I find that waay more motivating - I'd be more determined to be 'that person' and I'd keep my resolutions for longer. Or maybe that's just me. :( What are everyone else's new years resolutions?

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