A new beginning

Visuals: Nini being super cute and sitting in my lap and walking around the room, my nail polish for New Years, sitting outside blowing bubblegum smelling bubbles which smell like apple, Dove Promises foil wrapper with a message that I probably didn't read, Emily playing Charades x Pictionary ('cloakroom'), several shots of Nini doing cute stuff around the house, teehee. :333

To family, friends, all my rabid readers (this is what you get from watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so many times you start to remember everyone's dialogue), newcomers and strangers, I wish you all a happy new year! Even though new years day isn't over, I can tell that 2011 has a lot to offer.

Last night, a couple of my family friends and friends came over for what was more like a get together than a party, and it turned out to be pretty cool, haha. :D For starters, I haven't really seen Jacqueline, Jennifer and Emily in months and it was fun to see my closest family friends again. :) I cleaned up my room too, and it's pretty amazing how tidy it can actually be. :$

Moving the party to Jacqueline and Jennifer's place to visit the cutest Pomeranian puppy in the world. Patting Creamy, their overweight pet cat, on the porch. Frantically searching for channel 9 for the broadcast on this year's firework display. Realising that we didn't have channel 9 on the tv. Found another channel with the fireworks display, but it was a couple of minutes behind. Deciding to have a spontaneous sleepover at Jacqueline and Jennifer's. Driving back home to pick up clothes, toiletries, Easy Mac and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD. Going back to watch Harry Potter, eat Easy Mac and other unhealthy foods loaded with trans-fats and sugar. Watching Nini (the puppy) walk around and do cute stuff in the room we were sleeping in.

Deciding to play Pictionary, as long as we were quiet and didn't wake their dad. Getting so psyched over Pictionary that when we finished the game, deciding to play a modified version of Charades x Pictionary, LOL. I had to act out 'cockpit', so I pretended I had a cock and pointed to my armpit. Closest Jennifer got was 'cockadoodle-pit'. Emily got 'cloakroom' but I thought she was pretending to have a very long and flowing moustache. Staying up the whole night playing this shit, LOL. Playing with the puppy during the night, when she was awake. Walking for Maccas breakfast at 8am. Dozed off on the mattress. Woke up when Jacqueline put the puppy on my face. Made the puppy chase me around on the tile floor, snapping at my fingers and toes, trying to find something to bite. Napped until 1pm. Talked and did other stuff until 6pm. Got home, slept and the rest is not important, LOL.

Best day ever, despite the fact that I haven't washed my hair today (not that it full gets oily) but still. :( I hope you all had a lovely new year's eve or new years, whereever you were! Make the best out of 2011, believe in yourself, take care and don't forget the people or things that have kept you fighting. x

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