I could've waited

Visuals: mens' top I bought from Cotton On yesterday and you can see my beloved wedges (just so you know, I do have pants on), tag from A.A. navy singlet that I hardly wear, shirt that I cut up today, I whip my hair back and forth, apple cupcakes that my sister made, one of the pages from scrapbook I made for my boyfriend's birthday, Asian prawn crackers that everyone must have eaten at some point in their lives, 80 cents can of Sprite that my brother bought on Christmas Eve.

I took a couple of photos today but half of them weren't properly focussed since I was using self timer and got frustrated halfway, LOL. I also decided to add some photos that didn't really fit anywhere in this post, since only a couple of the photos I took today were passable. :( I also tried editing a couple of them on my laptop, but when I viewed the edited versions on my computer, the colours were way too saturated even though they looked fine on my computer so I took them back to crappy Photoshop Elements 8 (surprised people still use Elements, right?) and made a couple of them black and white. :(

I can't believe we're finally at the end of the year! Tomorrow will be new years' eve .. I heard it was going to be 35 degrees tomorrow and 40 degrees on new years! To be honest, I don't really remember the weather hitting up in the high 30s this whole year, let alone the 40s, so hopefully my mind doesn't melt in the crappy summer heat. 2010 has been a pretty good year, but everything was so intense and rushed near the end of the year so to me, it doesn't feel like the end of the year at all. So many wonderful memories from this year, I really hope I don't forget them. :( To be honest, life has actually been pretty good and surprisingly, I don't think I've truly been sad for more than a day or two this entire year (if you don't count exam period, but exams mean being stressed rather than sad) which is pretty amazing. :D

Best things about 2010: being in the same class as Vanessa and Yvy hence the formation of the 10R gals, getting 90% and over in six out of nine of my yearly exams (all my studying paid off and I'm so glad), formation of a year 10 study crew at Cabramatta library including Vincent Tran from Macquarie Fields, making new friends and even closer friendships, 5 day year 10 camp and all of the lovely memories at Waterslea (including Cabin of No Sleep, playing I Whip My Hair on repeat every night, all of our videos and late night DNMs) which was followed by lifesaving week with the year 7s, all of the surprise parties held at school and the wonderful surprise birthday dinners when it was someone's birthday, my birthday celebrations that went on for 3 days, discovery of my dad's old Canon that me and my siblings now share, year 10 formal which was by far one of the most memorable nights and experience of 2010 and all of my lovely adventures, lunches and dinners with Nicholas Lee. ♥

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