Thin Finn

Visuals: today's purchases from DFO, rings I wore, false eyelashes that I planned to wear at formal but didn't, Chanel mascara that I love love love

Ahh I love the smell of new clothes. :D Genvin and Stephen left this morning to Goulburn to visit Jordan Bush for a couple of days, and then they're going to drive back down in time for the new year! I don't even know when they left, since I don't wake up till around 10am, so that kinda sucked. :I On the other hand, we went to DFO today! :D I ended up getting new sleeping shorts, a shirt from the mens' section and a pair of slouchy pants all for $27.50! Such soft cotton, it almost feels like I'm not wearing any pants. I was going to get this other top as well, but I was already borrowing money off my sister and my scheme to get the top for cheaper than the marked price failed. How embarrassing. And every time I go to the super big Cotton On factory outlet that's actually four stores merged into one store, it smells like fucking ass in there, I don't even know how. But even so, I'm super duper happy with today's purchases! :D Especially when the sales assistant asked me where I bought my full amour ring, keke. I also bumped into Jacqueline, it was nice to see someone since I haven't seen most people since graduation/formal! :(

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