All sparkles and fairy lights

I know I'm late, but merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, whether it was with friends, family or by yourself, know that the people around you love you. :3 And thank you to my readers for still staying with my blog, even though all I do is complain about dumb things and type like a bitch.

My Christmas Eve and Christmas day basically consisted of lying on the sofa bed watching Love Actually, eating until I actually could not be bothered to eat, watching Modern Family, helping set up the fairy lights and decorations for dinner, getting picked up at 6am to go to the Boxing Day sales, finding the same stock in all 3 General Pants stores I went into, finally exploring Sportsgirl Sydney, shit weather while walking to Pepper Lunch, cringing at the amount of people I saw today with black and blonde mullets and mohawks, and checking out sales assistants. I'm so happy with my Rilakkuma letter set that I bought in Kino though! I haven't bought them in years but they're so cute. :) And I saw the cutest half-caste toddlers today, speaking fluent Japanese in the cutest and anime-like voices ever! :333

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