Wooo, after around 4 days of continuous work, I've finally finished my birthday scrapbook as a belated present for the boyfriend! Nick's birthday was on the 20th, so in the 19th we impulsively decided to watch a movie and my parents let, as long as we went around to pick my sister up from her friend's party on the way home. We were planning to watch Devil, but when we got to the ticket booth, we asked how many people were watching that session and no one else was watching, LOL, so we decided not to. :$ Ended up watching some other crap movie which wasn't that good, but afterwards we decided to go for a Krispy Kreme run! :D Too bad it was closed by then, but we went to the Maccas opposite. :) Got kicked out at 12am, but yay, happy birthday Nick, I was the first to get a message sent and yeah. :) Drove to my sister's friend's house, stayed there for a little, ended up getting home at like 1:30am, keke.

Anyway, I've been totally busy for these past couple of days pulling together a birthday present for Nick! I bought him this Wrangler shirt (like this but in white/grey), but that was it. :$ He probably spent like 4 times as much on my birthday, ughhh. :$ Originally, I wanted to make an animated gif of the scrapbook and I'd taken all the photos and everything (like 100+) but Photoshop is telling me that I have to resize my files (which I already did) or take out the layers cuz the file was too big. FUUU. :(

Making this, I had to fully rack my artistic side for ideas to take up all 120 pages, and I probably ended up ripping out 12 pages because of mistakes. :$ But I'm so proud of myself, I ended up Googling how to make scratchies, so I made a scratchie, wooo. :D It's the grey circle with a black heart on it, in one of the photos above. If you haven't noticed, we have a thing with cats, LOL. I'm so proud of this scrapbook, but with my shit photography skills, I make it look like easy shit that even a wasted hoe who drank too much the night before could do. BLINFOLDED. And sorry that the photos are so dark, I was editing them on my laptop that had a super high brightness setting, LOL. :$

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