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Nothing usually happens on Saturdays, even with tutoring and the hour of volunteering I get done at Salvo's after tutor, so already, when my dad drove me to tutor in a BMW, it was pretty cool with its sleek leather interior design and almost pristine condition. My dad has a job driving a wedding car on some Saturdays, and this Saturday was one of them. Take note that this is not our car, although my dad takes care of it well – regularly hosing it down, wiping it with a cloth and making sure no rubbish is left inside. To be honest, I don't really know how the job works, but I know he drives a wedding car around. Not a limousine or anything, but it's a silver BMW, with white ribbons tied 'wedding style' (LOL if you get what I mean) at the front and back, and it has such an Asian number plate, made up solely of 8's and capital B's, since they're the closest letter you can find that looks like an 8.

The intersection between South Liverpool Road and Banks Road. Pretty essential in our route to Cabramatta, Canley Vale, and anywhere in that region, right? So we were driving and at the intersection, we usually continue straight. We were the first car when we reached the intersection, and the light turned green before we reached it, so we could continue driving straight forward. But on the other side of the road, standing around the white lines, was a man, big-ish build, not the most ripped person you could find but with a decent amount of muscle, pale, brown hair, maybe around his 20s-30s.

Topless. And covered in blood.

To clarify things, by covered in blood I don't mean he was bleeding. I mean he had blood smeared on his body – whether it was his own or not, I don't know. When you see a topless man on the road, you'd suspect at the very least that they're just still wasted from what happened last night and you try to drive around him. But when he's covered in blood, it's different. When he holds up his hand in a surrendering position, it's different. When he holds up his hand, revealing that they, too, are completely red with blood, it's different. When he blocks your way, starts walking the few metres between the car and himself and lets the shirt he's holding in his hand bleed red stains on the ribbon that is tied onto the car, it's fucking different. Small flicks of blood on our windscreen and more bloodstains on the white ribbon, he's asks for my dad to 'call 000, I'm fucked up, mate'.

Scared fucking shitless in the front seat, I did not say a word. I felt so bad for my dad and even though I'm silent, I'm glad he wasn't alone. The lights in our direction turned red again, but the cars that were supposed to be moving could see what was happening and didn't force their way through. My dad reversed the car and we turn left, onto Banks Road. My dad didn't go more than 10m before he pulled over to the left and called the police. He described what happened and the appearance of the man, only he accidentally said North Liverpool Road instead of South Liverpool Road. While on the phone, my dad got a cloth from the boot and wiped off the blood, but we had to go – we were running late, now.

'Fucking idiot,' my dad said. Indeed he was a fucking idiot, Dad.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other picking the masking tape that held the front ribbon up, we made a different route to Fairfield. It was on my mind for the whole ride there and during class, both maths and English, even though we had an assessment at English today, which I don't think I did well in. So if anyone realised that I was quieter during and after maths, in Canley Heights and during English tutor, then that's why I wasn't talking, and that's why I almost got hit by a car when I was crossing the road to Truong (as Edbert reminded me before English – and apparently that was really scary for him). I felt so bad for my dad, and could tell he was so stressed and upset. :(

In other news, today was my last day of volunteering at Salvo's for the year, unless I decide to visit sometime before they close for the year. Surprisingly, it was pretty good this week and despite of my behaviour at English, I felt like talking to a lot of people at Salvo's, since I don't know pretty much everyone there. So today I talked to some of the other workers there.. I used to sometimes talk to one of the volunteers there, Ngoc, who was a teacher at Cabramatta West Public School and taught Angela's sister, but she hasn't come in weeks. Today, I talked to Bobby (who I've seen for weeks and weeks now), Anwar (who I saw only today) and this Vietnamese/Chinese guy that I didn't get the name of (but I've seen him for weeks as well).

For those who don't know, the people who help out at Salvo's are either there for volunteering, or community service – meaning they're only here because they've been ordered to complete a set number of hours of community service by court. I was the only volunteer here today. The rest of the workers there are all around 30-40, maybe even older, but the two were really nice and bubbly when they talked to me, just like everyone else at Salvo's. :) It was really nice to properly talk to the other workers here, especially since I've seen some of them every Saturday for a couple of weeks now. I wonder if I'll see them again after Christmas and the New Year, but I doubt it.. :(

On a happier note, I bought the pair of Lee's that I'd been eyeing for a month now! They were finally on sale too, so I got them for $5. You'd think size 8 would fit, but these were surprisingly baggy and big for me when I got home. Still, I cut them into shorts and I'm wondering if I should do anything more to these shorts – maybe they look a little plain? I spent annoyingly long to get the right cut for these shorts, maybe because I haven't made cutoffs in a while.. So what do you guys think, any suggestions? :D (And yes, I realise that it's not properly focussed in the first picture – please, I'm still a noob and it's self timer here, I can't help it, haha.)

Wearing: thrifted Lee cutoffs, Sportsgirl grey marle cropped top and full armour ring, Rubi stud bracelets (borrowed off Yvy) and Diva bracelets

Time to go to a party at my mum's church now! :3 / RE: (9:39pm) I just got home from what I think was the Christmas party at the church. Ended up seeing Brendan Tong, Brendan and Aaron Singh and my old friend Amy! :D

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