To be honest, I never really liked taking photos at night using flash. Maybe because the flash on my Canon goes crazy while focusing (as experienced when Danica was playing with it on the car ride home from Wendy's party – seriously, who uses flash when they're taking photos in the car, isn't that like having a light turned on while driving and it could confuse the crap out of other drivers?) or that I have the shittiest photography skills out, but something about the combination of poor night lighting and the harshness of flash has made me refrain taking photos with flash. Oh, and Genvin went on a beach house holiday with his friends and forgot to give the batteries for the Canon back! I should probably get used to using other cameras – I only use the same camera over and over again. Steph, my sister, also showed me some of my cousin's film photography (via Facebook) and it's amazing. I doubt he has a Flickr but he should totally make one. See his photos here.

After coming home early from Yvy's surprise party to beat my dad home (I'm supposed to stay at home for at least a week says my dad, but my mum let me go out to my friend's surprise party, but I had to get home before my dad did so he wouldn't know), I decided to toy around with my dad's Samsung NX10 with flash, and took a couple of photos of things around my room: the accessories I wore to formal, my Sportsgirl double finger cross ring and full amour ring (I was so annoyed – I wanted to wear this ring to formal but my mum actually confiscated it off me before I left the house) and my BDG macrame shoes from Urban Outfitters that totally scores me compliments from sales assistants! :D Yes, I know they're overexposed but I liked it.

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