Graduation and formal

Formal was the best night ever! After extensive visits to Liverpool and Parramatta Westfields, pretty much having the staff at Sportsgirl and Diva pretty much recognising the stressful expression on my face, troubling two of my aunties (including one who lives in Los Angeles) with issues about my formal dress, hours of pondering about which dress to get, borrowing Lisa Lai's phone at camp so I could tell Genvin to order off Victoria's Secret for me, raging and swearing for hours because the costs of shipping were so high, watching my friends get more stressed and worried than I was that my formal dress wouldn't come in time, spending over $400 in the span of around 3 weeks, spontaneous visits to Westfields in hope that I would find something in the 15 minutes I was there, refunding items the same day I bought them and wishing that I hadn't wasted so much time, it has all paid off.

Wearing: Victoria's Secret sequin bustier dress, Mimi Loves Jimi boot wedges (available at General Pants Co.), Portmans quilted chain bag, Sportsgirl cross double finger ring, Forever New and Diva assortment of bracelets, Colette cuff, makeup and hair by Danica

Super big thank you to: Danica for helping me with my hair and makeup which saved me money that would've paid for my hair appointment and for letting me borrow your Facebook account to stalk people for photos, my aunt in America for express-shipping the dress I bought online over to Australia, my other aunt for tailoring my formal dress in the evening before formal despite the boning and tuelle skirt of my dress, my parents for all the trouble I caused picking me up and coming to my graduation, Grace for such a cute Kris Kringle present, and Nick for shouting us Hungry Jacks, picking me up from Danica's, driving me to Liverpool Westfields even though I was only there for 4 minutes, driving me home, then back to school, then dropping all the stuff I left in your car back at my house. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I caused so many people, just so I could enjoy this one night. I love you all, especially the class of 2012 for such an amazing night. ♥

(Photo sources: mainly Eugene, Mitchell, Christie)

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