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This week has been so intense! Life saving was the best and this week went by surprisingly quickly. Today totally doesn't feel like a Friday, and it totally sucks cuz I have a Truong test tomorrow which I should be studying up on! Hopefully I don't make any silly mistakes for any questions with unit circle, or else I'm *no jokes* getting kicked out. So stressful, right? I guess that's why Mitchell quit -- yeah, Mitchell, the one who has been going to Truong since before I started. :C

Look so sad today, LOL

I was looking at this photo and was trying to figure out why I look so weird in it. Then I realised that one of my eyes are messed up, LMAO. Q___Q

For this whole week, my life has consisted of lifesaving, eating and napping/sleeping. I haven't done any work and have gotten close to no study at all and I haven't done my homework (due tomorrow). Apart from that, yesterday was Cereal Day! I should've brought my camera but I forgot. Basically, me and Vivian bought cereal to school and bought milk and spoons at the canteen. Not that exciting when you say it like that but it was cool at the time. :(

If anyone was wondering, I was a lifesaving instructor for group 5-6 with Carissa, Mel and Shelley. A little weird since one of my responsibilities were to teach people to dive when I can't dive myself, even though all the group 2b leaders tried to help me. I love lifesaving, it made me so much closer to the people in my grade which I drifted from. :) Lifesaving theory was basically yelling at the year 7s to hurry up so we could play a game, listening to Disney, drawing on the black/white-board and playing Pictionary. And making Harry Potter references. :3 And yesterday, me and Allen had to make a blindfold for the year 7s because they wanted to play Marco Polo so we found goggles from lost property and sticky-taped paper over the eyes. Genius, I know right. :D

This photo reminds me of Lord Of The Rings, and these year 7s are a whole clan of hobbits, LOL

I wish I brought my camera during the week instead of just today, since we were going to the beach. Hopefully I can get photos from Eugene, but I don't know how I would unless he uploads onto his blog. The only photos that I like of myself are the ones where you can't see my face. u__u I don't even take good photos, too. It's such a waste that I have a DSLR to play around with. I mentioned this in my other post but like seriously, I suck. LOL. ;__;

Miss Fox is the nicest ever! She bought chips for us (the year 10 group 5-6 and bronze star instructors) and we all bought drinks and stuff at this dodgy fast food store near the beach. And we went surfing! It was so fun since this was the first time surfing (I didn't go in year 7, I don't know what was wrong with me) and I stood up first time I tried! :D It was so fun, I would totally do it again. :3

Vanessa took this photo. I like it, and coincidentally, you can't see my face in this. n__n Ooh, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but the shorts I'm wearing are the second pair of cutoffs that I made. I originally didn't like them, but they're like my favourite pair right now, even though they're too big for me. :(

Let's hope I didn't get too tanned right before formal. :) I'll be going to Livo tomorrow! Maybe getting there are 2:30pm, might see you guise there! ^w^

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