Only a few weeks

I was thinking of studing my bikini since I had nothing to do I lined up all the dome studs I had on me to see what it looked like. Should I stud the whole thing? :o

We went to IKEA yesterday and I finally bought new clothes hangers! Well not really, since I only bought 2 .. But I'd been looking for clothes hangers that had clips for ages now.

My dad's really into origami and has been buying so many books and different papers online that he wants to use Genvin's Paypal account to buy something on eBay, so my mum wouldn't know, how cute. :$

Ugh, I've been doing tutor homework all day and it's taking veerrry long since I've forgotten everything. :( I'm stuck right now so while I wait for Nick to finish work or someone that can help me to come online, I'll use this time to procrastinate and blog. :/ Such a great idea.

Y'know there's that whole theory/prediction that the world will end in 2012? Farout, I was thinking about that at 4am this morning and I couldn't sleep, but I called Nick and calmed down, lol. Okay, normally I wouldn't be so superstitious and wouldn't take things like this seriously, so don't think I'm weird and that I think the world is going to end next year and that unicorns are real and crap like that. But it's still scary that something like that could really be out there for us in the future. Next year. :S Okay I should stop scaring myself.

Hey, am I the only one that thinks the YSL arty oval ring is kinda ugly? :$ I don't know, maybe it's the colours or something. I like the golden ring part but the stone is not my thing. At all. Sorry to everyone that owns one, wants one or has bought one. :(

Kinda random but I wish I had a cool logo like this (Billy Bride Jewelry logo) or this (SOHI). I don't even know what the second logo is really for but I stumbled upon their site and thought their logo looked super cool. I should design something like that, even though it reminds me of computer maths last year with Rawson. The most exciting thing me and Vivian did was probably change the line colours of all the curves we drew. Seriously.

Oh cool, Alan's online, can ask him stuff. :D

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