Bullshit, the library?

Mini donuts? So cute! LOL.

Vincent from Macquarie Fields!

Eric has an earring, how very attractive.

Aww, finally managed to get photos of them together where Wendy wasn't hiding her face or Eric wasn't blinking. :3 His face is so stretchy, what the heck LOL.

Yesterday, we decided to meet up at Cabra library again so most of us could finish our homework without any distractions, just like in the old days when we used to go to cram before the yearly exams! It was pretty fun, even though we didn't recruit everyone, it was just me, Wendy, Eric, Mitchell and Simon, as well as Vincent Tran since he lives there and would've been there anyway. Once again, we played Bullshit (with the $1 down from $3 pack of cards we bought, LOL), bought typical Cabra food and managed to get our work done! :D

Oh .. SHINee also had their Sydney performance last night and Nick called me at 6.30 (performance starts at 7) and told me that they were selling tickets at the gates for $50! FUUUUUUUUU, SERIOUSLY. I was really annoyed about everything, since we were originally planning to go city that day to maybe get a glimpse of SHINee, but we called if off because apparently the weather was going to be crap and we didn't have anything organised properly .. Arghhh I'm so annoyed, I could've seen SHINee! And so many people I indirectly knew were going, farout. I swear, I will never miss anything like this ever again, but with SHINee's latest look, I guess it's not too bad that I missed seeing them. Seriously, their makeup makes them look girlier than ever (I think I just mean Key). Ughh I'm still annoyed I didn't see them, and if Eugene uploads photos of them (he saw them when he was in city yesterday), then I will fangirl like crazy, even though I don't even know what they've been up to lately. :'(

Also I will be launching my new layout at 11.00am (GMT+10.00) on 16/01/2011! This new theme is pretty different, so I hope everyone likes it! :D

Photos taken by me and Wendy.

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