Bike rides and water fights

Attempt at drawing Zooey Deschanel's hair in this scene from 500 Days of Summer. Incomplete, I made her hair longer than it was supposed to be and her fringe is a little different.

Love exploring the things in my sister's room, she has all these paper cranes, hand sewn toys, pencils, paints and cute Japanese figurines in her table. And teehee, I used her laptop for a white background, it's still so white and clean. :o

Oh I look really skinny here .. And it almost looks like I have bangs. This was probably the best photo of these 29" shorts that don't make me look like my crotch has a big bulgy package. How lovely.

Figured that yesterday was going to be my last day of holidays before Truong resumes, I woke up at 7am and actually got up (after 15 minutes of deciding whether or not to get up or not). Actually cooked something for breakfast, which is the first for these holidays, and by cook I just mean a combination of frying/omeletting/scrambling an egg and eating it on a piece of bread. Pretty mad life I have, right. :$ I'm so lazy during the holidays I usually skip meals if it means I have to make something (which sounds pretty bad but that's how I am), and if I have nothing to do then I just do dumb stuff like take terrible photos of everyday objects and lie down on the sofa bed.

Nick came over at around 2pm and we went to go get Maccas. It feels like forever since I blogged about what I actually do during the day, usually it's just a set of dodgy photos followed by block of text where I ramble about the pointless things that have been on my mind (like right now).

To keep thing concise, yesterday me and Nick: drove to McD's and bought lunch and went to buy vanilla extract, came home to find that we were missing a burger, drove back and bought eggs while we were at the plaza, ate, watched Modern Family, I fell asleep for like 5 minutes on the sofa bed, laid on the sofa bed, went outside and blew bubbles, I shot Nick with a water gun so he'd stop reading Wowwiki, he blew bubbles into my face, pretended we were Pokemon, had a water gun fight, went on a bike ride, rode around the block, put one of the bikes down since I wanted to jog instead (I haven't ridden a bike in soo long), I got a drink at the house, so I got a stitch after 100m of jogging, went to put the bikes down, had dinner, got changed to go watch Unstoppable at Livo Westfields, bought lollies at Woolies, cinema 12 has such nice leather seats!, watched the movie (review: it's good but you have to pay attention at the beginning, the ending was good I think?), drove home while naming Harry Potter spells, made all the Easy Mac we had and watched more Modern Family, Nick went home at 12.10am.

Such a fun fun fun day! I'm so glad I woke up at 7am, my waking hours of the day was extended by so much and even though I just spent most of that time doing the dumb stuff I always do in the holidays (Twitter, Tumblr, etc), I didn't for the rest of the day and that was good. :3

Oh yeah, yesterday morning I cut up some 29" Levis that are so big for me (cuz I'm not a 29" and didn't expect it to fit me, just saying .. And wow, I actually did more than I thought I did in the morning)! They make my ass look so puffy, since my ass doesn't exactly work with the roominess of a 29". I also drew a picture of Zooey Deschanel's hair in 500 Days of Summer. :3 I really haven't drawn in ages .. I didn't finish all of it, but I can't be bothered with the rest, hmph! :P

BLOG LAYOUT UPDATE .. Tomorrow I will be launching my new layout! I said it was going to be at 11:00 (GMT+10.00) but being the unorganised person I am, it'll probably be up give or take half an hour. To be honest, my layout is complete (and was finished a couple of days ago ..), but I'm still pondering whether or not to redo the sidebar images, and to perhaps draw something myself? I doubt I'll be bothered in the end, but if I get sick of them too quickly then I just might. I will also be changing my URL soon since I have become really sick of my current! Only I have no idea what to change it to, argh.

Heads up: this layout is very, very plain – one of those typical white with black text, heavily relying on photos and images for sources of colour. Hope everyone is having fun on holidays!


Mani said...

The new layout looks good! And I'm commenting here now ehhe :L

Genevieve said...

Aww thanks Mani! Wow this comment thing looks so weird, gonna have to change this asap. :(