Photo diary

Wow, it feels like ages ago since I last blogged .. I thought I blogged too much so I tried to stop blogging so often, and now my SD card is full of dumb stuff that I've done over the week that seem totally not as cool as they did at the time. :( So to make up for a week of not posting, I guess this post will be pretty photo-heavy, since I surprisingly had things happen this week:

  • I went through around 3 litres of strawberry yoghurt and ate more when Nick came over.

  • Got mail for the first time in ages.

  • Got my braces off. (I would've posted a photo but I've already chucked all my photos onto my school laptop which I use as a backup for all my crap.)
  • Got bored and made a toy clothes rack with baby coat hangers. I wanted to make clothes but couldn't be bothered at the end of the day.

  • Met up at the library with Simon W, Mitchell, Wendy and Eric to finish our homework .. And played cards, looked for cheap lollies, bought Gloria Jean's (I was craving iced chocolate the night before and haven't had it in half a year, go me. :$) and read Vogue magazine.
  • Watched The Green Hornet after library, mainly to coo over Jay Chou. :D
  • Bought a pair of tortoise-shell-like glasses from Salvo's .. They're actually really annoying to wear, since the lenses have a very low prescription and are impossible to get fully clean and clear. Which is why I shouldn't wear them.
  • Started studding this pair of shorts and decided this morning that I shouldn't have. Now I have to take the studs out, which is maybe around 20.

  • Came late to Vanessa's surprise party. Oh, and got tricked at the door that it wasn't on. Set up decorations that were barely seen. :$ (I'm not sure who took these photos too, since I let Sophiea, Liza, Jacqueline, Vanessa and I think Wendy take some photos.)

  • Watched dumb crap on Youtube (connected to the tv) and tried to dance to it at the same time.

  • Facebook stalked almost all the people we could think of.

  • Lit the candles on Liza's cupcakes using a match and the stove.

  • Went bike riding (or watched Sophiea race cars on the bike LOL), hung around in the backyard and took good photos.

  • Back to Facebook stalking. The lighting of this photo was super bright so I desaturated it. Now it's probably even worse, but you can see that I have no braces on! LOL. :D And there are my glasses, clipped on my shirt.

LOL. Sounds like a crap party but it was nice to see most people again. :D Going to Coogee beach tomorrow, we're gonna have a small picnic, with sandwiches (make sure we don't get sand in them, right? HAHA, love Jacquie) in crappy 31 degrees but cloudly weather.

There's around a week left of the holidays which sucks, so everyone should go out and spend as much time doing all the things they want to do before school/year 11 starts and we won't have a proper break till the end of HSC! :( Have a super week, everyone!

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