Team [LOL]

LOST THE PHOTO SOURCE, DAMN. Kinda sick of this photo alrdy, lol and I just uploaded. I've decided to make some changes to my blog in terms of layout, which will affect the posts. I don't know why I just typed that sentence like that, with those words and everything, how odd, LOL. So maybe I'll change my layout soon -- I don't know when, but hopefully soon. Not drastic changes or anything, but I'm a little sick of having to click on page to view posts or whatever. So basically, I'm reversing the exact same thing I changed to my blog, the last time I changed it. But I'm still unsure, so I'll have to experiment with things for a while. :3 Considering getting a bodycon/tight dress for formal .. I've got an incredibly busy month ahead, everything's happening right now! Especially this weekend, Saturday: tutor in the morning, Thang's/Grace's party right after, and I have to leave early to go to my grandpa's birthday! :( And I got accepted as a lifesaving instructor! I was so nervous about this, but they're still going to cut off around 5 people .. Fingers crossed I make it through! I'm really nervous about this, and I really wanna do it. :S Short post, going to snipe a spot in English Easy US 2 (iSketch, LOL) as soon as the room has a vacancy! x

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